capleesi wondered:
in light of the TCA press junket where Bob Greenblatt said there's a strong possibility Community will get a season 6 renewal, can we start a fan campaign to let them know how badly we want it? Like twitter trends, bring out the fake mustaches again and all that? Can you and the other Community fan blogs discuss and come up with a unified plan and post about it? You guys have the most followers and the best way to reach the most fans of the show on Tumblr.

I would absolutely love to do something like that. I remember the campaign with #watchcommunity and I thought it was awesome, so yeah, I’d definitely like to be involved. I don’t have a Twitter or a Facebook, but I’d totally work with others to think of some cool ideas to get our point across. Thanks for reaching out! 

I’m about to edit some shit. Does anyone have any gif requests? Any season, ep, w/e is cool with me. Send them here. ~ 

mistletoecupid wondered:
Which episode is your gift from? :) I can't remember that scene.

Which one exactly? By the way, to save you some trouble, they’re all tagged by episode right here. ~